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Soar Asset Management

Based in Sydney, Soar Asset Management is an experienced investment manager focusing on private debt and equity opportunities across Australian Real Estate sector. With our holistic view, we leverage our insights and expertise to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns through the rapidly growing Australian real estate market. *Qualified wholesale investors only.

Invest with us

—— Investment strategy ——

Soar invests in debt and equity only of ultra-high quality real estates from metropolitan areas of Australia's largest cities, supported with compelling demand and scarcity of projects like ours.

Expertise & Insight

Soar is teamed up with financial experts, ex-builders and developers with substantial on-hand knowledge of the local market. Our due diligence, daily project monitoring, and defined exit strategy bring intimate efforts to deliver superior returns

Location Selectivity

We stick to selecting projects from only metropolitan areas with continuously proven high demand, sound infrastructure and amenities, that we are confident to exit smoothly during market up/downturn.

Risk Control

All debts are backed by predominantly first mortgages, along with company and personal guarantees from the Directors of the borrowing entities


For all debt/equity investors, we display the full spectrum of project budget/capital flow, along with sending quarterly reports that include progress of all projects involved. Investors are welcomed to self-visit the construction sites as well.

Defensive LVR

All debt instruments are secured against quality Australian real estate with defensive LVRs, typically below 65%. Soar predominantly invest in first-mortagages.

Our Funds

Soar Income Fund

  • Target 8% p.a. gross return
  • Monthly income distribution
  • Private debt investments on projects throughout selective lands, predominantly first- mortagage backed with average LVR below 65%

Soar Elevation Fund

  • Target gross return 25%-30% p.a.
  • Private equity placements in premium real estate development projects. Closely monitored by Soar’s in-house expert team