Soar Elevation Fund

Soar Elevation Fund allows investors to directly participate in premium real-estate development projects through equity placements. With an average investment term of 2 years, Soar’s projects aim to achieve an attracting IRR.

At a glance

Fund Type

Close-ended Unit Trust

Target IRR

25 - 30% p.a., Varies by projects

Investment Type

Growth, Project Equity

Investment Horizon

18 - 24 months, Varies by projects

Min Investment Term

$100,000 if with Wholesale Certificate*

$500,000 without Wholesale Certificate


Management Fee: 2% p.a.
Performance Fee: 20% of the additional return that is above the gross 10% p.a. benchmark

*This page is indicative only, see Information Memorandum for full fund information before making an investment

*Please refer to Corporation Act 2001. Wholesale Certificate template could be obtain from